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We help brands unlock the power of customer insights and use it to craft smart, targeted marketing campaigns that deliver real business results.

Client Focused

There is never a 'one size fits all' approach with Mavre Marketing. We focus on projects with full flexibility and open-ended individuality.


Extreme set-up and repairs fees are an unfashionable spirit. Instead, we offer practical price bundles to give to each and every small to medium-sized business the chance to win

Dedicated Team

Our experienced experts all grip the leading qualifications in their field, attending each project with a latest skill of creativity and an appallingly knowledgeable approach

We Provide Robust Social Media Marketing Services.

We are experts in social media marketing, campaign management and technology who work closely with clients to help them achieve their business goals.

Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads
Facebook is one of the most popular platforms offers an abundance of benefits to businesses. You can create a network of users and customers by connecting your friends, acquaintances, and more.
Instagram Ads
Instagram Ads
Instagram is used by millions of people and it can really take your business next level. We can help your brand to grow a great influence over the audience by promoting your products.

Who we are
About us

We are an innovative social media marketing agency who work closely with your business to drive RESULTS! We follow relationships based on transparency, persistence, trust, and honesty with our clients.

Mavre Marketing is an integrated social media marketing agency. We consistently adhere to best practices and push our clients to the forefront as industry leaders in the digital sphere. From increased web traffic to fan acquisition and sales leads, we help clients where it matters most. Our customer-centric approach is transparent, educational, cost-effective and innovative. We love nothing better than to create integrated campaigns that achieve tangible business results for our clients.

Services we offer

Facebook is the largest social media network by extreme, with 2 billion daily active users. It is also the cheapest and best way to increase your business exposure to potential customers, it is perfect for Small and Medium Businesses. Our team of Facebook Advertising experts make assured your adverts are displayed in front of the right audience at the right time which helps to increase conversions and generate sales.

As an Instagram advertising agency, we stay up to date with the latest industry updates, algorithm changes, and best practices to drive your business forward and deliver the best results possible. We can focus on different stages of the buyer’s journey from awareness to conversion amongst your key target audiences, all while staying within your set budget.

Due to Instagram’s expansive, yet diverse user base that includes more than 1 billion accounts active each month and over 500 million accounts active each day, our agency can make the most of your ad spending by targeting the exact audiences who matter the most to you.

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"Mavre Marketing is the best social media marketing company. They are the only marketing company I trust to work with my brand. Team of experts."

Maria Claud

"Each campaign is carefully curated and refined over time to provide awesome value from our ad spend. Wouldn't go anywhere else"

Antoine Huffmann